Jungle Scout Review - The Ultimate Amazon Research Tool

JungleScout is a million dollar tool. It is a site which completely changes your analysis about a product sell in the Amazon. This is not a free application but you need to buy yearly packages or monthly packages in order to use this site. If you go for Annual Billing then a business plan will charge $ 69/month, standard plan $49/month and start Up plan $29/month. Activate jungle scout discount 50% savings code then you go for Monthly Billing then a business plan will charge $99/month, standard plan $69/month and start Up plan $39/month. The basic difference between all these plans is that in start Up plan you can track 40 products, in the standard plan you can track 80 products and in business plan 150 products. The standard plan is the most popular jungle scout plan.

What is the purpose to use jungle scout?

Sometimes we want to keep eye on some product i.e., its average sale per day, it's rating, its unique sale, and its inventory. To get all these details we must track this product by adding it to the tracker and now we can get to know its average sale per day for 30 days or for 60 days. For example, if we want to know the complete data of boat earphones then we add this product to the tracker and get the whole description about this product, its average sale per day, it's rating, its complete graph. Product Tracker avails us this facility. We create different categories for the product in the tracker and add the product according to its category.

The second most important point is the product database this tells us which product has the opportunity to be targeted. Let's get into its depth, first of all, we have to select the marketplace India which was by default USA and then select the category of the product to be targeted. Suppose we select the category electronics then we select the criteria in which we want the product to be targeted like it price which could be in the range say 100 to 300 its rating which could be in the range 1 to 1000, Estimated sales, weigh, etc. Thereafter we select the seller and click on the search option. We will now get the product database result.

The third point is Niche Hunter which is the most interesting section of jungle scout. From this section, you get the idea about which category you must go to choose and which product has good competition. Firstly you will select the marketplace i.e., India as you did in the product database then go on selecting various attributes i.e., average unit sale, average price, opportunity score, additional options like earn how to sell on amazon from oberlo.com, Listing quality score, etc then click on search and you will get a number of the product.

It has many features associated with it but all are not free to use. Most of them are paid. Million dollar case study, how to sell on AMZ etc are paid features of jungle scout. Sales estimator is the only feature provided free for use. This is an amazing application for end-users.

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